4 Cubic Yard Front End Load Plastic Containers

Toter's Plastic Front End Load (FEL) Containers last 3X longer and are quieter than steel containers. They are perfect where noise is a concern. Toter's Plastic FEL Containers are lighter weight than steel for easier maneuverability. Ideal for environments where corrosion is a concern, Toter's Plastic FEL Containers will not rust. Toter's plastic FEL's are stackable - even when fully assembled. They can also be shipped unassembled for better truckload quantity efficiency.

  • Lid equipped with 5/8" solid hinge rod and opens to 270 degrees
  • Rugged Rim® with steel rod reinforcement
  • Replaceable, double-walled lift pockets distribute weight for maximum pocket strength
  • Manufactured with up to 50% recycled content
  • Structured, ribbed bottom wear chimes provide added durability when used without casters
  • Quick-change caster brackets for easy repair and maintenance

  • Standard colors Blue, Brown and Waste Green have minimum order of 1. Please contact customer service for additional available options.


    • Length: 82.3"
    • Width: 60.0"
    • Height: 63.1"
    • Weight: 314 lbs
    • Casters: Option available
    • Capacity/Volume: 4 cubic yards