32 Gallon Bear-Tough Carts

Toter’s Bear-Tough Carts provide unmatched resistance to chewing and clawing, protecting both bears and humans. With a bear-tight lock, double-walled lid and steel-reinforced rim, they’re virtually indestructible and inaccessible to bears and other predators. Featuring a locking mechanism to help prevent bears from getting inside, the Bear-Tough Cart is strong enough to withstand repeated clawing and chewing.

  • Stress-free Advanced Rotational Molding™ process for superior durability
  • Contains up to 50% recycled content, and is 100% recyclable
  • Compatible with fully-automated garbage trucks and semi-automatic cart lifters
    • Specifications

    • Length: 24.3"
    • Width: 19.8"
    • Height: 37.5"
    • Wheel Size: 8"
    • Load Rating: 112 lbs/50.9 kg
    • Weight: 19.9 lbs

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