3 Cubic Yard Organics Front End Load Plastic Containers

Toter's Organics Front End Load (FEL) Containers are specifically designed for heavy, wet organic waste. With an optional built-in drain plug for easy clean-out, Toter's Organics FEL containers are leak-proof and withstand exposure to organic waste without rusting.

  • Optional locking lids prevents unauthorized access
  • Trap door provides safe, easy access
  • Additional cross support ribs prevent lid from sagging
  • Reinforced lid with two extra lbs. of plastic holds shape and seals tightly to the container

  • Standard colors Blue, Brown and Waste Green have minimum order of 1. Please contact customer service for standard and optional features available for each container.


    • Load Rating: 3,000 lbs / 1,363.6 kg
    • Casters: No